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Paint and Sip

This party is sure to be fun for all ages. We can set up a structured paint(additional) or a free paint(best for children under 5). Each child will be provided the below list of supplies to use. The best part is, they get to take home their masterpiece as an unforgettable keepsake. 
Supplies for each child to use:
paint tray / paint
paint brush 
Supplies for each child to keep:
plastic juice flute
Sparkling Apple Cider (additional options available)

Slime Party

Your sure to be the talk of the town with this party! Each child will make their own slime and pick from tons of different mix-ins. Each participant will take home and enjoy of their own slime creation as a party favor.

Science experiment

We have a long list of different experiments. Each child will be provided the supplies to conduct their own experiments. You get to choose two:
Diet Coke and Mentos – This experiment demonstrates a physical reaction.
Elephant Toothpaste – This experiment is an example of a decomposition reaction.
Baking Soda and Vinegar – This is an acid-base reaction
Lava Lamps – Each child will make their own lava lamp. This experiment will demonstrate a hydrophobic reaction.
Liquid Stacking – Children will experiment with different liquid densities, building a colorful tube of liquids.
Oobleck – Children will make their own oobleck and play in the wonders of a solid and liquid at the same time.